Plan to Reach Market


Plan to reach the market

Phase 1 - Selection of compound Start Finish Costs(£)
1. Chemistry – synthesis and characterisation M1 M10 86k
2. Device range-findig study-separation perfomance M2 M4 81k
3. Activation – selection, dose/response, duration M4 M12 198k
TOTAL 365k
Phase 2 - Optimisation Start Finish Costs(£)
1. Device development (required for clinical trial) M2 M16 1,014K
2. Mouse IVF – fertilisation effect M8 M13 162K
3. Chemistry – GMP batch (required for clinical trial) M11 M16 139K
4. Human egg sharing – effect on embryo M12 M18 480K
TOTAL 1,795k
Phase 3 - Clinical trials & Approval Start Finish Costs (£)
1. Phase 3 clinical trial (required for regulatory approval) M13 M33 3,465K
2. Preparation of regulatory submission & approvals M7 M39 162K
TOTAL 3,627k