Progress to date

400% increase in motile sperm (up to normal level)

Large 2 year (FIL sponsored, MRC funded) study shows known PDEi drugs at microgram levels produce 400% increase in number of motile sperm (up to normal level) in semen of infertile men (Tardiff, Barratt 2014).

Published Clinical Studies (Yovich Et.Al. 1990)

Published clinical studies (Yovich 1990) already showed that a similar PDEi drug molecule used with low motility sperm increased live births in IVF.

Average Pregnancy Success Rate ( 25-30%)

We predict that average pregnancy success rates in IUI can be increased into the region of 25-30%.

Sperm restored in minutes

Normal energy metabolism restored in minutes, lasts eight hours.

No “Sperm Burnout"

No “sperm burnout”: no premature activation of acrosome reaction.

DNA Is Not “Unwrapped” Or Damaged

DNA is not “unwrapped”, or damaged.

Patent on method of combining sperm activation

sperm selection and separation of surplus active compounds granted in Europe and Australia, pending elsewhere. Patent application on series of novel compounds filed and pending examination 2020