Dr Roger Newton B.Sc., Ph.D., FRSC

Chief Scientist

Roger is one of the world’s outstanding developers of new drug molecules. He was head of Glaxo’s new drug development programmes from 1989-95, and responsible for the discovery of several new compounds during that period in the respiratory, cardiovascular and anti-infective areas.

Roger formed Maybridge plc in 1997, a company dedicated to developing new compounds and a molecular library and discovered the anti-cancer drug Olaparib (Astra Zeneca).

In 1998 Roger founded Cambridge Genetics (later sold to Biofocus). He has also provided consultancy to Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, Roche, Celltech, Sumitomo to name but a few.

Roger is one of the most decorated members of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is the author of 130 published scientific papers and twelve patents.

To enhance the sperm activating effects of the best compounds from the sponsored research by extending their duration of action, which will provide further increases in efficacy.